Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Fowler was born on the 26th of July, 1959, in South Orange, New Jersey (USA). His first role was in movie "Heartburn" (1986). He attracted attention as villain Mel Profitt in TV serie "Wiseguy" (1987), after that similar characters followed. The role of Verbal Kint in thriller "The Usual Suspects" (1995) earned him Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but this was not his last Oscar!


Superman Returns (2006)
Edison (2005)
Beyond The Sea (2004)
The Life of David Gale (2003)
The United States Of Leland (2002)
Austin Powers in Goldmember (as himself) (2002)
The Shipping News (2002)
K-PAX (2002)
President Clinton: Final Days (as himself) (2000)
Pay It Forward (2000)
Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000)
It's Tough to Be A Bug (voice) (1999)
The Big Kahuna (1999)
American Beauty (1999)
A Bug's Life (voice) (1998)
Hurlyburly (1998)
The Negociator (1998)
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (1997)
LA Confidential (1997)
A Time To Kill (1996)
Looking For Richard (1996)
The Usual Suspects (1995)
Seven (1995)
Outbreak (1995)
Iron Will (1994)
Swimming With Sharks (1994)
Hostile Hostages (1994)
Consenting Adults (1992)
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Henry And June (1990)
A Show Of Force (1990)
Dad (1989)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)
Working Girl (1988)
Rocket Gibraltar (1988)
Heartburn (1986)

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